Paula R. Bickle, Ph.D.
Paula R. Bickle, Ph.D.

   "Dr. Paula is the sincerest, most refreshing talk show host on the radio today! She has become the standard for health and nutrition radio shows."
    Dr. Ron Pugh UT
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      Ever met someone you instantly liked? That's Dr. Paula Bickle. She has earned the respect of her listening audience as the kindest, yet most informative and honest host on the radio today. When it comes to health, nutrition and plain common sense, there is simply no one like Dr. Paula. She looks at every listener as a member of her own family with a deep concern for their health and welfare. With her unique background in nutrition, research and as a medical educator, she is well equipped to handle any listener's questions and concerns
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Dr. Bickle has a long history of helping people get to the source of their health problem.
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