Paula R. Bickle, Ph.D.

Dr. Paula Bickle started her career as a dental hygienist in Portland, Oregon. During her dental practice she started to question the safety of root canals and commonly used dental materials including mercury and fluoride. She realized that the oral cavity was not disconnected from the rest of the body. Many diseases show themselves in the oral cavity, furthermore some diseases may originate in the oral cavity and certainly the patient's nutritional status affects it all.

This lead Dr. Bickle to pursue a Masters Degree in nutrition followed by her Doctorate (Ph.D.) in nutritional biochemistry.  She then founded her own alternative/complimentary medical clinic employing MDs, NDs, chiropractors, and nutritionists. The philosophy of the clinic was to find the source of the patient's problem and to find the best treatment to fit the individual patient's needs.

Since the patient's needs were of primary concern and neither conventional nor alternative medicine seemed to have the correct answers, Dr. Bickle began her research projects. Her research interests have included but not been limited to autism, female hormone replacement, allergy diagnosis and treatment, weight loss, sports injuries, heavy metal toxicity, and the necessity/effectiveness of childhood vaccinations. Her latest achievement was the completion of the FDA trial moving DMPS (a chelating agent used for mercury and arsenic) to the allowed list of bulk compounds that can be used in the United States.

Dr. Bickle is an outspoken critic of the current drug/surgery/HMO mentality that seems prevalent in conventional medicine. Every patient is an individual and needs to be treated as such. Seven years of heavy metal toxicity research has led her to believe that many people with chronic diseases have been miss-diagnosed. The correct question your physician should ask is "are you sick, toxic, nutritionally deficient, or all three?" All patients referred to her clinic for detoxification has their previously diagnosed disease improve or disappear after being treated for toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

Dr. Bickle is also a well-known speaker to professionals and the general public. She has trained physicians and dentists from 33 States and 6 foreign countries on heavy metal toxicity and nutritional biochemistry. She hosted her own radio show in the greater Portland market for 10 years.

Dr. Bickle is married to Howard and is the mother of six grown children. She is very proud of her 11 grandchildren and spoils them as often as she can. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors of the beautiful Pacific Northwest including boating, golfing, and camping. She also enjoys sewing and cooking for her family and friends.


Paula R. Bickle, Ph.D.
Born June 20, 1954 in Butte, Montana. Married to Howard Bickle. Mother of 6 children, grandmother of 11.


2000 ACAM convention - Nov., Dallas, TX
2000 Mercury toxicity - May, ACAM -
1997  Longevity Workshop - Orlando, FL
1997 Root Canals, Cavitations and NICO Lesions - Dallas, TX
1997 Glutathione, SOD and Uric Acid as Major Antioxidants - Dallas, TX
1994 Neural Kinesiology Seminar - Bellevue, WA
1993 The Neurology of the Autonomic Nervous System - Albuquerque, NM
1993 Neural Therapy Workshop - Albuquerque, NM
1989 to 2000 Chelation Therapy Certification and Workshops (bi-annual) 2000
1987 Internship with Dr. Lendon Smith, MD - Portland, OR
1986 Columbia Pacific University (Ph.D.) - San Rafael, CA
1973-75 Portland Community College (AA and R.D.H.) - Portland, OR
Portland State University Portland, OR

Clinical/Work Experience

3/2000 to 9/2000 Editor-in-Chief, VitalHealth Newsletter for  
1994 to 2000 Principal Investigator for 4 nationwide research projects
1994 to 2000 Biochemist - Nutritionist
Cascade Health Group
Portland, OR
1988 to 2000 Nutritional Biochemist
Cascade Park Health Group
Vancouver, WA
1985-88 Nutritionist
East Halsey Health Group
Portland, OR
1975-85 Dental Hygienist (Private Practice)
Dr. Susan Markle, DDS
Portland, OR

Research Experience

1998 to 1999     IND, completed October 1999, Result: DMPS is now on the FDA allowed list for bulk to compounds
1999      IRB "A Study to evaluate Consuming a Nutrient Dense Breakfast Drink on Cognitive Abilities and Mood States
1998 to 2000 IRB "A Protocol For Studying Mobilization of Mercury by Giving Nutrients Intravenously and Orally to Humans" Portland, OR
1998 to 2000  IRB "A Protocol for Studying Mobilization of Mercury by Giving DMPS Orally to Humans" Portland, OR 
1997 to 2000 IRB "A Protocol for Studying Mobilization of Mercury by Giving DMPS Intravenously and Intramuscularly to Humans" Portland, OR
1997 to 2000 IRB "A Study to Evaluate Changes in Laboratory Parameters, Pre and Post Amalgam Removal" Portland, OR
1995 Listen Systems
Electronic Diagnostics vs. provocative neutralization therapy Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR
1994 IRB "The Effects of a Total Mercury Detoxification Program" Portland, OR
1995 Female Hormones, natural vs. synthetic Portland, OR
1994 Use of Niacinamide, Glucosamine and Copper in Sports Injuries Athletic Enhancement Systems Port Charlotte, FL

Sequencing of EDTA and DMPS in the toxic patient Institute of Neural Therapy Santa Fe, NW

1991 Nutritional treatment protocol for Chronic Fatigue - ACAM Reno, NV
1990 Methionine irregularities in Autism - ACAM Memphis, TN

Semi-quantitative stool culture as a diagnostic tool in polysystemic chronic candidiasis Kilbourne, J.P., Ph.D., Portland, OR

1988 Brain neuro-biochemistry and nutritional precursors to neurotransmitters Nevada Neurological Institute, Sparks, NV
1986 Hoffman-LaRoche study of Vitamin C and urinary output


Talk Radio, co-host "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" - 2002 to present

Talk Radio, co-host "Let's Play Doctor" - 2000 to present

Selection and Use of Chelation Agents, ACAM, - Dallas, TX 5/2000

A protocol for studying mobilization of mercury by giving nutrients intravenously and orally to humans - Portland, OR 6/99,    6/98

A study to evaluate the diagnois ability, treatment effectivnesst and safety of (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propane sulfonic acid, NaSalt, DMPS) given intravenously to the human - Portland, OR 6/99, 6/98

A protocol for studying mobilization of mercury by giving DMPS orally to humans - Portland, OR, 6/99, 6/98

The effects of a total mercury detoxification program
Dallas, TX 6/97
Orlando, FL 3/97
Maui, HI 3/96
Dallas, TX 6/95
Milwaukee, WI 2/95
Maui, HI 3/94

Biochemistry of Natural Hormones with Laboratory Confirmation
Portland, OR 6/99, 6/98
Orlando, FL 3/97
Maui, HI 3/96

Biochemistry of Mercury - Vitamin Mineral and Amino Acid Therapy
Holistic Dental Association 3/96

DMPS in a mercury detoxification protocol
GLCCM, 9/95

DMPS and Neural Therapy with Deitrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D.
GLCCM, 9/94

Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism
American College for the Advancement of Medicine, International Society of Chelation Technicians 1990-2000

Visual Therapy and Nutrition
Ophthalmology support group 1989

Dental Carries, Hygiene and Nutrition
Dental Study Club 1989

Radio talk show: KPDQ 93.7FM, bimonthly 1986-1998

Understanding Nutritional Biochemistry
National College of Naturopathic Medicine - Board of Continuing Education and Oregon State Naturopathic Convention

Autism and Nutritional Biochemistry
Oregon State Naturopathic Convention

Guest Lecturer: Chronic Fatigue Support Group Multiple Sclerosis Support Group ALS Support Group


2000 Scientific advisor, The Crazy Makers - how the food industry is .destroying our brains and harming our children, C. Simmontacchi
2000 Scientific advisor, "WINGS - Weight Success for a Lifetime", C. Simmontacchi
2001 Effects of Consuming a Nutrient Dense Breakfast Drink on Cognitive Abilities and Mood States, P.Bickle, C. Simmontacchi, I Bier.
2000  CoQ10
1999  Mercury detoxification and DMPS, Alternative Medicine
1997  Scientific advisor, "Your Fat Is Not Your Fault", C. Simmontacchi
1995 Case studies presented to the Environmental Protection Agency, Scientific Advisory Board for their "Mercury Study Report to Congress"
1989 Healthier Babies, Let's Live Magazine
1988 Herpes and Nutrition, Women's Health Quarterly
1988 A Case of Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Women's Health Quarterly


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